About Department

Department of Chemistry at Vaageswari college of Engineering has been offering First year B.Tech Program right from its inception with excellent laboratory facilities. It is a part of Humanities and Sciences Department. The Chemistry department serves the purpose of imparting knowledge in the core science subject, along with innovative ideas to achieve their goals keeping concern about the present environmental needs which is a fundamental building block for most engineering disciplines. The department has highly qualified faculty who have knowledge in research and vast experience in the teaching field. The faculty has contributed many research papers which are published in distinguished international and national journals.



Our Vision is to provide the opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and skills in engineering chemistry. The extent to which these skills will be developed depends on the needs of the students in the various categories.


* To build bridge gap between intermediate and B.Tech

* To impart value based technical education so that the next generation engineers who serve society well get produced.

* To develop confidence levels of student on B.Tech course of their respective discipline


Dr.J. Sandhya Reddy

Associate Professor & HOD

Department of Chemistry

Mobile: +91- 9502343953

Email: vgse.chemistryhod@gmail.com

The department of Chemistry providing the academic excellence also holds a wide range of intellectual and creative discussions through the platform of conferences, seminars. The faculty members of the department are actively involved in research also. Our course topics are designed to provide students the knowledge of Engineering Chemistry, and also introduce them to various experimental skills. The subject has become as an essential part of the curriculum for all the branches of Engineering.

The department is quite successfully offering quality education with the future perspective.

Outcome Based Education

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’S):

* To train the students to provide basic knowledge and skills in Chemistry for application in engineering and technology.

* To promote students awareness of the lifelong learning and to create them with professional ethics.

* To improve inter disciplinary interactions.


Chemistry plays a vital role in qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals. During the engineering chemistry lab, the students can acquire practical knowledge about estimation, preparation and instrumentation techniques. The students to apply the theoretical concepts while performing the experiments.

Events/ Workshops:

* Department of Chemistry organized a 1 day online webinar on ‘’Corrosion & Traditional practices of its prevention’’. On 13/06/2020.

Department E- Resourses:

Engineering Chemistry: Click Here

Engineering Chemistry: Click Here

Faculty Achievements

Faculty Development Program, Webinar:

Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy, Associate professor & HOD has selected as ‘’Associate Fellow of A.P. Akademi of Sciences’’ for the year of 2020.

Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy awarded Best Oral in National Conference on Recent Advances in Polymer Technology and Industrial Applications (RAPTIA-2017)

Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy awarded Best Oral in International Conferenceon Innovations & Discoveries in Science, Engineering and Management(ICIDSEM-2018).

Faculty Development program(FDP), Webinars:

S.No Name of the faculty Achievement Venue Date/Year Title
1 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Faculty Development Program ICT ACADEMY 18/1/2021 TO 23/1/2021 Digital Teaching Techniques
2 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Faculty Development Program AICTE 18/4/2020 TO22/4/2020 Universal Human Values
3 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Faculty Development Program JNTUH 2/12/2019 TO6/12/2019 Engineering Chemistry
4 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Faculty Development Program VFSTRU 30/08/2019 Explore Research and Funding Opportunities in Europe
5 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Faculty Development Program National Institute Of Technical Teacher’s Training and Research, Kolkata 22/4/2019 To 26/4/2019 NBA Accreditation
6 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil Faculty Development Program Dr. M.G.R. Educational & Research Institute29/6/2020-4/7/2020 29/6/2020-4/7/2020 Nurturing Research & Innovation in Higher Education Institutions
7 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil Faculty Development Program Indian Institute of Digital Education. 3/6/2020-4/6/2020 Online Teaching & E-content
8 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil Faculty Development Program Hindu College of Pharmacy 8/6/2020-13/6/2020 Creative Research & Innovation in Spectroscopy
9 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil Webinar Sankaralingam Bhuvaneswari College of pharmacy. 24/6/2020 High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography-Technique and Applications
10 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil International Webinar University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in collaboration with Indian Pharmaceutical Association 13/7/2020 UCPS-IPA Session -XI

Faculty Research Publications

S.No Name of the faculty Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Month & Year of Publication VOL/ISSN Number
1 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Design, Synthesis, Molecular Docking and Biological Evaluation of 1-(benzo[d]thiazol-2-ylamino)(phenyl)methyl)naphthalen-2-ol Derivatives as Antiproliferative Agents Letters in Organic Chemistry 2019 16, 837-845
2 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Concise and Stereo selective Total Synthesis of Paecilomycin E Natural Product Communications(NPC) 2018 13, 1-2
3 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Microwave-Assisted Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and QSAR Studies of Novel Chalcone Derivatives Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2019 11(6), 2247-2253
4 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Piperidine Mediated Synthesis of Prenylated Chalcones and 8- substituted-2, 5- di hydro-2-(4- tolybenzo)-5-(3- methylbut-2-enyloxy ) phenol-1, 5- benzothiazepines as Antibacterial Agents Elixer International Journal 2014 77,29307- 29310
5 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy Sulfated Zirconia: A novel super acid catalyst for the synthesis of homoallylic alcohals International Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 2018 118, 24
6 Dr. N. Raghuram Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Binary liquid mixtures of Sulfolane with some Methyl Alkanoates at T= 308.15 K International Journal of Chemical Sciences 2013 11(2), 815-824
7 Dr. N. Raghuram Volumetric properties of betaine hydrochloride drug in aqueous NaCl and KCl solutions at different temperatures Thermochimica Acta 2015 597,71–77
8 Dr. N. Raghuram Excess parameters for the binary mixtures of sulfolane with chloroethanes at different temperatures Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 2015 119, 2107-2117
9 Dr. N. Raghuram Densities of L-Glutamic Acid HCl Drug in Aqueous NaCl and KCl Solutions at Different Temperatures International Journal of Thermo Physics 2016 37:43,0195-928X
10 Dr. N. Raghuram Density and Viscosity measurements of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Ethyl acetoacetate with 1-Propanol, 1-Butanol, 1-Pentanol and 1-Hexanol at T= (293.15 & 298.15) K Journal of Chemistry and chemical Sciences 2017 7(12), 1349-1356
11 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil Synthesis and charecterisation of new bezoxazole derivatives J.Pharma 2011 1(1) 14-17
12 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil A molecular hybradisation- An Emanating Tool in Drug Design Med.Chem 2019 9, 91-95
13 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil 2-(Aryl OXY Methyl)-1h-Benzimidazoles: synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Evaluation. Med.Chem 2020 10(7), 128-130

Faculty Conferences

S.No Name of the faculty National/International Title Venue Date/Year
1 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy International Innovationsin Pharma Indursty, Education and Reaserch (IPIER 2020)” Anurag University 27th -28th February.2020
2 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy National Recent Advances in Materials Science for Sustainable Development VFSTRU 31st August -1st September 2019
3 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy International on Explore Research and Funding Opportunities in Europe (ERFOE-2019) VFSTRU 30th August 2019
4 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy National Exploring New Vistas in Applying Chemistry for Pharma and Nutraceutical Industry Challenges and Opportunities VFSTRU 20-21, March-2018
5 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy National Recent Advances in Polymer Technology and Industrial Applications (RAPTIA-2017) Gurunanak Institutions Technical Campus 17-18, Feb-2017
6 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy National Recent Trends in Science and Technology (NCRTST-2015), JNTUCEJ, Kondagattu, Karimnagar 25-26, February 2015
7 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy International Trend Setting Innovations in Chemical Sciences & Technology-Applications in Pharma Industry JNTUH, TSCST-API 2015 under TEQIP-II 16 – 18 ,December 2015
8 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy International Innovations & Discoveries in Science, Engineering and Management(ICIDSEM-2018) Vaageswari College of Engineering, Karimnagar 09-10, April 2018
9 Dr. J. Sandhya Reddy International APAS-Golden Jublee Science Congress IICT, Hyderabad 13-15,November 2014
10 Dr. N. Raghuram National Intellectual Property Rights National Institute of Technology, Warangal 15-16, February 2008
11 Dr. N. Raghuram National Catalysis for Sustainable Development IICT Hyderabad. Telangana 10-13, February 2013
12 Dr. N. Raghuram National Resent Advances in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences JNTUCEJ, Jagitial, Karimnagar. Telangana 10-11 April 2015
13 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil National International Virtual Conference on Computer-Aided drug Design Birla Institute of Technology & Science, pilani 30/10/2020-31/10/2020
14 Mr.R.Jhon Sunil National Indo-Korea Virtual Conference on Development of Advance Material for Future Technologies Jeonbuk National University, Jeonju, South Korea & Vellore Institute of Technology 9/7/2020-10/7/2020


1 Dr.J.SANDHYA REDDY M.Sc., B.Ed., PhD(Org. Chemistry) Associate Professor & HOD 11 years
2 Dr.N. RAGHURAM M.Sc.,B.Ed., MPhil.,PhD(Org. Chemistry) Associate Professor 20 years
3 R JOHN SUNIL M.Sc (Org. Chemistry)., B.Ed Associate Professor 14 years
4 Mrs.Asreen M.Sc (Org. Chemistry) Assistant Professor 3 years
5 Mrs. D. Saritha M.Sc (Org. Chemistry) Assistant Professor 3 years
6 Mrs.V. Thirumala M.Sc (Org. Chemistry) Assistant Professor 2 years
7 Ms.K. Chitra M.Sc (Org. Chemistry) Assistant Professor 2 years