To make the functioning of library easy, effective and automated, the institute has enabled the central library with NewGenLib and DELNET software’s. The Library accommodates Faculty, Students and Staff to access various facilities like: Books, Journals, e-books, e-journals, Rare Books, Digital library service, NPTEL, SC/ST Book bank service, OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) service, Thesis Reports carried out by Faculty, Reports of project carried out by students, Daily News Papers.

The institute has a commodious Library with a total carpet area of 1050 Sq. mtrs. consists books of Engineering, Technology, Computer applications, and Management along with Journals, Magazines, Publications, Thesis, Project Reports, Rare Books. The reading room facility is available and can accommodate up to 160 people. It consists of 6899 titles with 56002 Volumes, 1050 e-books, 109 Journals and 10 Magazines along with Newspapers.

Books Circulation

The NewGenLib software consists of modules on Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serials, Article Indexing and OPAC. All the faculty, students, and staff are issued with Library account along with barcode, and books are enabled with barcode stickers and to circulate the books to faculty, staff and students, Laser Barcode Scanners are used to ease, accurate and speed up the circulation.

When a member enters into the Library, he/she need to scan his/her Bar-coded ID card at the Login Counter (where a Laser barcode scanner) provided at the entrance of the Library for the Login entry. If a person needs to collect a book or return a book, he/she need to provide the book at the Issue/Return Counter to issue/return the book, the ILMS software used identifies the book details along with the member ID.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) Service: Faculty, Staff and students can access OPAC service remotely or In-house. OPAC service is open to all Faculty, Staff and Students of the College. Every member is provided with a unique User id and Password through which they can access the Library OPAC service and can verify the books in their account, availability of any book item in the library, and can request for an issue of a book. Through this service they can access the History of books circulated using their account.



To learn the latest updates in the world, the central library in the Institute uses DELNET software, to access e-books, e-journals and database remotely by using static IP provided by the central library system. The database maintained has 3,52,45,416 of bibliographic books, 1,04,569 of periodicals and is regularly updated and new titles are added annually, the database also contains 20,235 union catalogue of periodicals, 11,24,250 Database of Periodical Articles, 61,750 CD-ROMs, 6,000 videos, 1,025 audio records, 1,30,753 of Theses and Dissertations submitted to Indian Universities, 1613 e-books.



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